Why is your online reputation important?

What you do with your free time is your own business. That’s why most people keep work and leisure strictly separated. In some cases, that’s for the best.

Your online reputation and privacy are increasingly important

You might not be aware of it, but your online reputation (the image other people get from you when they Google you) is getting increasingly important. It’s not just your employer who cares about your online reputation. Governments, social services and tax organizations keep an eye on you, too. They use information derived social media to catch people who don’t follow the rules. But if you stick to the law, you don’t have to worry about that.

Do you want everything to be in the open?

You really need to consider what your future boss or business partner might think of the way you look on the internet. It’s a huge disadvantage if he or she Googles you and sees a Facebook profile filled with party pics with lots of beer involved. Or your misplaced political tweets. Or your nice party pics on Instagram. You just want everything to look perfect. And although the social networks provide you with all the tools and setting to control your privacy, it is not always easy to find them.

Take control of your online privacy

That’s the reason why I started this website. To show you the tools to take control of your online privacy. How they work and what happens when you use them. In a simple way, for everyone to use. With short video’s on every aspect.

The personal branding side of it

But knowing that all platforms are used by potential business partners, also gives you a chance to work on your personal brand. I will cover that later on.

The start

The platforms that I’m covering are:

  • LinkedIn – the first series is live
  • Facebook – publishing the coming days
  • Twitter – Will start in January 2015
  • Instagram – Also January 2015
  • Google
  • Etc…

Any suggestions? Put it in the comments so I can cover that too.

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