How to stop cookie-based advertising on LinkedIn

One of the money makers for LinkedIn is advertising, like most web services. But sometimes ads can be very annoying. Especially when ads are based on your browsing history on other websites. So if you don’t want LinkedIn to show you ads, based on your browsing history somewhere else on… Read more

How to remove your Facebook profile from Google, Yahoo, Bing etc…

94 percent of US employers check their applicants Facebook profiles. What they find there is increasingly the reason why people are rejected. Facebook is ranked high in Google search results. You have to be aware of the fact that everything you post on Facebook, can be seen by people you… Read more

Why is your online reputation important?

What you do with your free time is your own business. That’s why most people keep work and leisure strictly separated. In some cases, that’s for the best. Your online reputation and privacy are increasingly important You might not be aware of it, but your online reputation (the image other… Read more

How to get out of the ranking on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a nice feature added to the Who’s viewed your profile section, called How you rank for profile views. It will show you how you rank amongst your connections or colleagues. Some people find it irritating to be seen by others in the ranking list. So if you don’t… Read more

Hide your competition on LinkedIn

When you visit a profile on LinkedIn, most of the times you see a widget like this:     When people view your profiel, they see this as well. The suggested profiles might be your competitors. So if you don’t want the viewers of your profile hop on to someone you… Read more