How to remove your Facebook profile from Google, Yahoo, Bing etc…

94 percent of US employers check their applicants Facebook profiles. What they find there is increasingly the reason why people are rejected.

Facebook is ranked high in Google search results.


You have to be aware of the fact that everything you post on Facebook, can be seen by people you don’t know. Imagine that your coworkers can see all the stuff you put on Facebook, or your parents, teachers or your boss. Do you want that to happen?

If not, start with being found on Google with your Facebook account.

If you don’t want your Facebook profile to be found by search engines like Google and Bing, you can change your settings.

Your Facebook profile’s presets enable search engines to find it. If you don’t want this, just follow the steps in this short video.

Tip: Watch the video in Full Screen

Now your profile will no longer show up in search results anymore. It might take a couple of days before these new settings actually work, due to the cache memory. Afterwards, Google will no longer pick up on your Facebook profile.

Personal note: I want to be found on Google because I love new friends. So please connect 🙂

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