How to disconnect apps and games from your Facebook account

Social gaming is fun. By adding games to your Facebook account you can play games with your friends.

It’s all in the game

CandyCrush, Farmville and way too much others are very popular. But there’s a downside to these social games. To be able to play them, you have to give permission to the game developers to use personal information from your profile. Also, you need to approve them to post stuff to your timeline.

Tired of playing?

In the course of time you might have played a lot of games and added multiple apps you don’t use anymore. You should get rid of these apps and games.

Lots of your data or your friends’ data can be shared through apps you once installed. Most applications have access to this information ever since. They have access to your messages. They can create events and respond to them on behalf of the users.

Be careful!

Many users click on the blue button mindlessly and have no clue about what they are approving. As long as you don’t remove apps or adjust the things you approve them to do, they’ll have access to your personal data and perhaps even your friends’.

Clean up!

Go through your list of apps you once installed and remove everything you don’t use anymore, or stuff that you don’t even recognize. You’ll be surprised how many apps you’ve installed and approved over the years.

So it’s time for a huge cleaning! Consider carefully which apps you want to keep and give permission to access your data. An next time you install a game, think twice before you start bothering your friends and asking them for lives 🙂

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